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Adam's Shania Twain Page - two pages worth of pictures.
BAMVA Shania Twain - thumbnail gallery of Shania pics.
Best Pictures of Shania Twain
Bink's Shania Twain Page - MIDIs and some links.
Creed's Shania Twain Page - features a very cool Java applet (and not much else).
Craig's Shania Fun Page
David's Shania Twain Page - an impressive array of Shania pictures and video clips, and even a small Mutt Lange photo gallery.
Dennis' Shania Twain Page
Diva of Country Music: Shania Twain - The site has Shania's midi music playing in the backgroundand has a messageboard, ad's board, Shania Yahoo Club links,Shania Fan websites, picture gallery and more. Shania Twain internet radio is coming soon.
Guigo's Shania Twain Page - a major site featuring updated news, an outrageous picture gallery, Real Audio, MIDIs, video clips, lyrics, and more...
Hank's Shania Twain Page - has some very large .jpg files.
Jake the Snake's Shania Twain Page
Katie's Shania Twain Site - Updated regularly, news, tour info, Biography, Tid-Bits, links, Mutt Lange, and more.
King Benjamin's Homepage - several working links to great pages, Shania, icons, sound bytes, wallpapers, videos, and some of my own creations!
Le Page de Shania Twain - a Shania page en francais.
Shania 4 Ever
Shania Lyrics - Home Page
Shania Lyrics - Home Page
Shania Twain
Shania Twain & Mutt Lange Site - Mutt bio and other interesting stuff.
Shania Twain en Francais - a Shania bio in French.
Shania Twain Heaven - Shania photo gallery.
Shania Twain Link Page - some links.
Shania Twain Links - some links.
Shania Twain - Queen of Country - guitar tabs, sound clips,
Shania Twain Page - possibly the largest image archive around, plus ton of facts, articles, and more!  This page looks like it hasn't been updated in awhile, but you still have to check it out!
Shania Twain Page
Shania Twain Picture Archive - some pictures and articles.
Shania Twain - Renata's World - not in English.
Shania Twain Tribute - some pics.
Shaniazone - home of a Shania Twain mailing list.
Slaash's Shania Twain Page - has a photo gallery and various sound clips.
Simba's Music - Shania Twain
Sizzilin Shania Home Page - a little bit of (almost) everything.
Sites de Shania Twain - a few links.
Stephen's Shania Twain Page
Tommy Twain's Home Page
Tuong's Shania Twain Page - supposedly hasn't been updated in over 2 years, but is still one of the most visited Shania sites on the web.
Twain's World - Shania Twain site with lyrics, an extensive bio, links (including non-Shania sites) and tour info. Pics as well, but I may not have them up for a little while.
Zezao's Shania Twain Page - Shania site in Portugese.
Zeke's Homepage for Shania Twain -

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