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Shania Search
The Unofficial Shania Twain Search Engine and Directory

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Alta Vista - the biggest search engine in terms of sheer numbers.
Alta Vista Photo Finder - huge index returns thumbnail views and other cool features.
AOL Netfind - you are offered a chance to see sites similar to sites in the results.
Ask Jeeves - clever meta engine that tries to add intelligence to searches.
Deja - huge community discussion site (easy way to search usenet).
Dogpile - a 'meta' search engine that shows results from other search engines.
Excite - results include sub-directory, web results, news articles, and discussions.
Google - ambitious search engine that attempts to bring popular pages to the top. - search made easy.  highly accurate.  use yellow box on this page.
Hotbot - easily customized searches are very useful.
Infoseek - highlights the terms you searched for when results are displayed.
Looksmart - on of the biggest directories outside of Yahoo.
Lycos - returns a blend of sub-directories and web sites.
Metacrawler -  a 'meta' search engine that shows results from other search engines.
MP3 at Lycos - over 500,000 MP3 files searched here.
MSN - featuring the MSN search engine and everything under the sun.
Netscape - former web hotshot features search engines and a directory.
NewsIndex - very comprehensive and up-to-date news search engine.
Northern Light - gives top results and also organizes more results in folders.
Yahoo - the biggest web directory and #1 web destination.
100 Hot - has a directory of the hottest sites of the web.

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