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Best Shania Twain Links - some Shania links.
Bob's Shania Twain Link Page - some Shania links.
Cory's Shania Twain Page - some Shania links.
Dillenger's Shania Twain - contains features video clips, midi files, and a picture gallery.
Pages of Shania Twain - features frequently-updated information.
New Zealand Shania Twain Fan Club - mp3s, links, midis, biography, mailing list, icq sound theme + more.
ShaniaNut - a source of news, events, links of places to vote for Shania, merchandise, and more. - a huge source of pictures, wallpaper, videoclips, real audio files, MIDIs, news, lyrics, games, merchandise, links, and more!
Shania Twain - Musical Goddess - site has moved to, but it already features a nice picture gallery. 
Shania Twain Folie - Shania Twain web site.All about shania.SMF pictures collection
Shania Twain is a GODDESS Links Page - some links and photos.
Shania Twain Links and Fotos - some links and photos.
Shania Twain Online -  features photos, Midi Music, MP3s, Lyrics, Biography, CD Info, Videos, Real Audio, Screen Savers, Trivia, Quiz, Survey, Chat, Links, News, Postcards, and much more...
Shania Twain Shrine - has a large photo gallery (including some photos that you don't see every day).
Shania Twain Sight Site - focuses mainly on photos.
Talon's Shania Twain Page - this impressive site a huge photo gallery, tons of video clips, plenty of news, and much more!
Trivia Musica ~ Shania Twain - share what you know and learn what you don't.
Ultimate Shania Twain Message Board - a very large message board.

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